8 Tips to the Exit Process

 research icon  Research your timeshare product. Understand your timeshare product type. Its age, the desirability of location, costs of ownership and restrictions—all will impact the price. There is a lot of information about timeshare listings available online to use for comparison pricing.
 consult icon  Consult your resort or HOA. Contact your resort, HOA or the management company to see what kind of programs they have in place for owners who want to exit, such as give-back or buy-back programs. They may also recommend in-house services or preferred resale company partners.  

Get assistance from a licensed reseller or advertiser to sell it. There are three types of companies in this arena: resale advertiser, licensed reseller and other resale company. Do your research first to determine the company’s reputation, past resale success and current license state. Here's a list of a few providers that can assist.  

  • Advertisers are companies that only help you market or advertise your timeshare.  
  • Licensed resellers (with licensed real estate agents) help with all aspects of selling and renting. 
  • Other resale companies can offer to buy your timeshare interest, take it away for a fee, help you give it to charity, put your timeshare in a travel club or some other workable solution. Use caution with these companies, as many have used deceptive practices. 
 sell-it-yourself-icon  Sell it yourself. Armed with your research, post your product listing with as much detail as possible on free listing websites like eBay, Craigslist or through your HOA (newsletter or message board). Keep in mind that if you sell it yourself, you will be responsible for handling the entire transaction, transferring documents, titles, etc. 
 resale-gift-icon  Pass it on as a gift to your family. Have a conversation with your family about your timeshare product. If they’re interested, transfer of ownership rules make it possible to give your timeshare to a family member to enjoy future vacations. Laws and regulations concerning timeshare transfers vary state by state. 
 donate-your-resale-icon  Donate it to charity. Some charities accept donated timeshares. Fees are likely associated with the transaction. It’s always best to perform research before choosing this option, as well as to contact your tax advisor. 
 generate-income-icon  Generate income by renting your timeshare. If you’re unsure about selling it, try to rent it out. Check with your resort manager to see if your resort has a rental program or policy. Or, list the rental opportunity on an owner site.
 scammer-icon  Beware of scams! If someone contacts you (via phone, mail, online) in an unsolicited manner and offers to help to sell or transfer your timeshare product, use caution. This is a common scam tactic to get money from you without providing any services. See our consumer advisories warning of resale scams. 

Resale Tips

A list of advertising and resale providers to start with. 

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