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Selling Your Timeshare 

Most timeshare owners are happy with their vacation ownership (more than 80% express satisfaction), but there may come a time when a timeshare no longer makes sense due to a personal financial situation or a lifestyle change.

The number one question every owner has at this point is: “Where do I start?” The timeshare resale market—which includes resellers, internet advertisers and many other types of exit companies—can be complex to navigate, especially for someone new to the process. 

Here are some tips, checklists and best practices that will help guide you through the process:

8 Tips for the Exit Process 

Preparing to Exit Checklist  

Selling Your Timeshare

Resale Tips

A list of advertising and resale providers to start with. 

Information on state consumer protection

Links to government websites

Helpful checklists to use when reselling

Resale terminology

Real estate licensing resources and more


Consumer Protection

Check to see who is really an ARDA member.

View a list of companies using the ARDA logo or name fraudulently.

Learn where to file a complaint against a company. Read more 

View all of our current consumer advisories.

We're here to help answer many of the questions you may have about your timeshare.

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