Consumer Advisory on Resale Companies

January 18, 2013--The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and its Resort Owners Coalition (ARDA-ROC) have been made aware of a deceptive marketing solicitation that attempts to defraud timeshare owners through improper representation of ARDA. ARDA and ARDA-ROC urge owners to use caution with unsolicited marketing calls from companies that you have not fully researched.

Phony “New Law Update” Meeting for Timeshare Owners 

A timeshare owner in Odessa, Texas was contacted by an individual claiming to be associated with ARDA. That individual invited the owner to attend a presentation and free dinner  at a local restaurant to educate owners about recent “law changes” relating to their timeshare product.

The person who made the call improperly and illegally used ARDA’s name to defraud the timeshare owner—and potentially others—with the false representation of being affiliated or associated with ARDA.  This person is in no way affiliated with ARDA.  It is likely that owners who attend this “update” would hear scare tactics about their timeshare ownership and be strong-armed into paying thousands of dollars to “get out” of their timeshare ownership and maintenance fees. To learn more about transfer companies, visit  

ARDA and ARDA-ROC caution all timeshare owners to be wary of such solicitations.  If you have received a similar call, ARDA urges you to contact your state attorney general and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

ARDA encourages owners to thoroughly research any company before doing business with them or paying any upfront fees.  For more information about timeshare ownership and tips to ensure a safe buying or selling experience, visit ARDA-ROC’s Timeshare Resale Resource Center.