Consumer Advisories on Timeshare Resales: Read These First!

Due to the questions timeshare owners, owners associations and managers have been asking about timeshare resales and timeshare resale companies, ARDA in cooperation with ARDA-ROC has issued five consumer advisories on timeshare resale issues, types of companies, and techniques used to lure timeshare owners to spend their money.  While there are timeshare resale companies who work very hard to help consumers, there are others who make false promises and fail to perform.  Timeshare sellers and buyers should educate themselves first, before spending any money.  Read the advisories listed below prior to making a decision in the resale marketplace.

  • Advisory #1 describes the different types of timeshare resale companies currently active.
  • Advisory #2 provides cautions and information, including website links, on how to check out a company you may want to do business with.
  • Advisory #3 explains how a resale company misrepresented its relationship with ARDA and the Florida AG.
  • Advisory #4 describes the practice of "reloading" consumer victims and how some use bogus rental offers.
  • Advisory #5 explains how the (often very expensive) transfer or repurchase companies work and what questions you should ask before using one.

New advisories will be issued as required.