Universal Common Interest Ownership Act (UCIOA) Proposed in Utah


Issue Brief

Beginning in 2008, ARDA has successfully fought efforts in the Utah legislature to eliminate the non-judicial foreclosure process in Utah. NJF allows associations and lenders to foreclose on delinquent properties without the time and expense required in negotiating the court system. The issue is again in play as part of the larger UCIOA effort. 


As a result of the economy, delinquencies on assessments and mortgage have gone up for all types of residential property including timeshares. Associations are challenged to meet the financial needs of their properties without increasing the burden on current members when dues go unpaid. Older, “sold out”, associations face the greatest challenge from delinquencies. 

Position/Call to Action

ARDA is engaged in ongoing negotiations regarding the drafting and possible passage of UCIOA in Utah in 2011 to protect the current non-judicial foreclosure process and safeguard timeshare associations from other negative consequences. ARDA representatives will be part of the process as interim committees meet throughout the summer.