Updates to Utah Timeshare Law Now Approved


Issue Brief

The Utah Legislature passed and the Governor signed legislation modernizing portions of the Timeshare and Camp Resort Act (Act) during the 2016 session. The Utah Division of Real Estate (Division) originally informed ARDA and ARDA-ROC that it planned to seek changes to the Act to bring it up to date prior to the 2014 legislative session. The Act was originally passed in the late 1980s and has only seen minor changes in the last quarter century. During that same time period the timeshare industry has grown exponentially and product offerings have evolved several times. The changes are intended to reflect the current state of the industry and consumer protection standards as well addressing inconsistencies in the Act. 


The modernization of the Act in Utah would greatly benefit the local timeshare industry and its owners. ARDA and ARDA-ROC worked with the Division to ensure that the changes proposed truly reflect the state of the industry today and provide meaningful consumer protection for the current environment without negative unintended consequences. 

Issue Updates

HB 72 was filed during the 2016 session by Rep. Gage Froerer. The language was nearly identical to a bill filed by Rep. Froerer in 2015 providing for a number of changes to the Utah Timeshare and Camp Resort Act. The changes, requested by the Utah Division of Real Estate and supported by ARDA and ARDA ROC, were intended to update sections of the act to reflect changes in timeshare products and use as well as improve the Division’s ability to provide oversight by providing additional clarity to the statute. The bill passed the House but did not receive approval by the Senate prior to the end of the legislative session. 


HB 72 passed the legislature during the 2016 session and has subsequently been signed by the Governor. The bill took effect May 10, 2016.