ARDA and ARDA-ROC Support Enhanced Privacy of Timeshare Owner Lists


Issue Brief

 An amendment (AB 634) has been proposed to California’s Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Act to tighten the rules protecting the privacy of timeshare owners’ personal information from becoming available to third parties for commercial purposes or fraudulent activity.

The bill preserves methods for timeshare owners to communicate with the entire membership of the association through written request to advance legitimate association business, including solicitation of proxies. Or the recall of board members.

The bill also specifies that certain provisions of the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law which allow broad access to the list of names, addresses, and voting rights of members of a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation do not apply to timeshare associations under the Vacation Ownership and Timeshare Act of 2004.


 This legislation provides greater protection for timeshare owners to ensure their personal information is not shared with third parties for commercial purposes, unwanted solicitation or fraudulent activity.

Position/Call to Action

 ARDA and ARDA-ROC supports AB 634 as it aims to enhance owner protections.

Issue Updates

AB 634 was referred to the Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection on 3/9/15.

AB 634 passed the Assembly by a vote of 79-0 on May 11. The bill has now moved to the Senate where it has been referred to the Judiciary Committee.

June 28, 2016 - AB 634 was amended with the language drafted by the Senate Judiciary staff, which does not accomplish its goal of protecting owner information. Negotiations are on-going with the Chair of the Judiciary Committee to determine if an agreement can be reached prior to procedural deadlines at the end of July.