ARDA-ROC Supports Exemption from Licensing Requirements for Timeshare Association Managers in Colorado


Issue Brief

 The Colorado State Legislature is considering an amendment that revises the statute requiring licensure of professional community association managers to exclude the managers of communities in which the majority of units (50 percent) are designated as timeshare units. Prior to this amendment, the licensing requirements were the same for whole-ownership communities and timeshare properties, making it both cumbersome and costly for timeshare associations. Additionally, the bill clarifies what steps a timeshare management company can take to collect past-due assessments and other delinquent payments.


 This legislation would exempt timeshare association managers from a costly and cumbersome regulatory scheme designed for the needs of whole ownership communities which did not require any timeshare-specific education or experience.

The clarification of the collections policy will help ensure a better process for timeshare management companies to collect delinquent payments.

Position/Call to Action

 ARDA and ARDA-ROC support SB 209 which will alleviate a time consuming and costly licensing and collections process for timeshare association managers.

Issue Updates

SB 209 was introduced in the Senate on 03/11/2015 and was assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology committee.

SB 209 passed the Senate Committee on Business, Labor and Technology on 3/25/15 by an 8-1 vote. It will next be heard on the Senate Floor.

SB 209 passed the Senate by a vote of 32-3 on April 15th. Prior to passage, language clarifying the collections process for past due assessments was removed from the bill. The exemption for managers of timeshare properties from the new licensing regime was unchanged.

SB 209 received final passage in the Colorado House on May 1st by unanimous vote. The bill has been sent to the Governor who has until June 6 to take action.



SB 209 was signed into law by the Governor. The bill takes effect immediately.