Pre-Labor Day School Start Bill Fails in VA Senate Committee


Issue Brief

Senator Ralph Smith introduced a bill (SB 1099) that proposes to undo a law mandating a post-Labor Day start to the school year. If passed, the bill would allow the school system to commence the school calendar year before the Labor Day holiday.


Given the relatively short travel season for Virginia, moving up the start date of the school year would cut the vacation season short which would hurt the travel and tourism industry that relies on seasonal travel spending and would negatively impact state tax coffers.

Position/Call to Action

The bill faced opposition from the travel and hospitality industries, vacation destinations like Virginia Beach, campground operators, and various business groups.

Issue Updates

The bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Education and Health.


At its only committee hearing, the bill failed on a 4-11 vote and is dead for the 2013 legislative session.