Florida House of Representatives Moves Deregulation Bill


Issue Brief

In floor action today, the full House of Representatives is expected to take its final vote on HB5005 , which proposes the wholesale deregulation of several professions and types of businesses including the telemarketing and sellers of travel industries.  Original versions of the bill included provisions to deregulate the timeshare industry as well as community association management licensees, including timeshare management companies.


Current regulation of timeshares and related businesses in Florida has provided a stable and understandable business environment in which the industry has thrived and has offered both owners and new buyers significant protections.  While the industry has sought changes from time to time, the wholesale elimination of the regulations is a serious concern.  With timeshare regulation no longer part of this bill, focus now turns to the deregulation of telemarketers and sellers of travel, as numerous actions have recently been taken by the Division of Consumer Services against fraudulent timeshare resale businesses which offers a recent example of the value of the current regulatory scheme.

Position/Call to Action

ARDA opposes portions of HB5005 and is seeking important changes to the bill related to deregulation of Sellers of Travel and Telemarketers on behalf of the timeshare industry and owners in Florida.  It is widely expected that the bill will pass the Republican controlled House on a party line vote despite concerns expressed by both industry and consumer groups.   

Issue Updates

HB5005  was heard on the House floor yesterday, and despite more than 20 proposed amendments, was moved to third reading without significant changes.  A final vote on the bill will likely take place on Thursday, April 7.  If passed by the House, the bill would also require approval of the Florida Senate where no comparable bill currently exists.  ARDA continues to advocate for the regulation of Sellers of Travel and Telemarketers to be preserved.  To find more information on HB5005 including a copy of the bill please click on the following link HB5005 .