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For more than 25 years, ARDA-ROC has championed owners’ causes on every regulatory and legislative level­—from local to state to Capitol Hill. ARDA-ROC’s steady and strategic owner advocacy has generated an impressive list of legislative and regulatory triumphs, including a monumental victory in 1997’s Taxpayer Relief Act—estimated by experts to have saved owners more than $100 million in taxes.

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Modernizing Florida Timeshare Law: The Facts

Florida House Bill (HB) 453, modernizing Florida’s timeshare law is in effect. ARDA-ROC and ARDA supported the amendments, as they benefit both the timeshare industry and its owners. To learn more about what the changes mean, and how they may affect you as an owner, get the facts about the bill in this article by ARDA-ROC’s chairman, Ken McKelvey, and ARDA’s president, Howard Nusbaum, published in Timesharing Today’s June 2015 newsletter.


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For ARDA-ROC to continue its success, owners must maintain their strong support, and the vacation ownership industry must continue to encourage owners to join the ranks of the coalition.

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ARDA-ROC In Action