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Jigsaw PuzzleIf your resort does not yet participate in the ARDA-ROC program, now is the time to learn more about why you should.

Introduce your Home Owners Association Board to the program by contacting an ARDA-ROC representative or by using our promotional materials.  Among these materials is an ARDA-ROC fact sheet, “What’s ARDA-ROC Done for You Lately?” which outlines recent ARDA-ROC legislative and regulatory victories.  

Be sure to secure the Board’s approval to place the request for the voluntary contribution on the owner’s assessment. 


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"ARDA-ROC is a great organization and deserves the support of every timeshare owner..."  

(Reprinted by permission of Timesharing Today Magazine. It's recommended reading. 


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One way to support the largest organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of your timeshare purchase is through a financial contribution to ROC.